Buying a Multifunction Printer? Six Things to Consider

Richmond multifunction printers

If you're in the market for new multifunction printers for your Richmond organization, you'll want to make an informed choice. Have a look at our checklist to get some help with your process.

Six Things to Check

A little advance preparation will help you save both time and money when choosing multifunction printers for your Richmond company.

1. Check the TCO. The TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership, is a more accurate assessment than the initial price of the hardware. A good rule of thumb is that low-end multifunction printers usually have a higher TCO than their higher quality counterparts.

2. Check on system integration. Most users favor multifunction printers with easy start-up above those that require too much time to deploy. Easy integration with your networks is also critical.

3. Check the features. A features checklist begins with an honest assessment of your requirements. It's a given that you need to your multifunction printers to copy, print, scan and fax. Beyond that, are you interested in electronic document management features to reduce your dependence on paper-based processes? Do you need color and professional finishing features? Look for multifunction printers that meet these requirements.

4. Check the security features. We all know that some multifunction printers can present security vulnerabilities. Find out if the model you're considering provides the security capabilities you need to keep your data protected.

5. Check the reviews. If you're looking for the best in multifunction printers, reviews from customers are easy to find and usually very reliable. Look for verified purchases and honest reviews that outline both the pros and cons of the model you're considering.

6. Check with industry testing agencies. Reputable manufacturers of multifunction printers are open about the results provided by industry testing agencies. Since these organizations are third-party and independent, their assessments are a trusted source.

To find out more about the latest in multifunction printers for your Richmond business, contact us at Edwards & Virginia Business today.

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