How an Organization Succeeded with Document Management

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Many business executives shy away from the monumental task of reducing their company's paper dependence, citing the impossibility of the "paperless office." We still rely heavily on paper in most business processes, and sometimes it seems that we'll never go fully digital. Has anyone successfully reduced their paper dependence and gained benefits from it?

Thanks to a report from Wisconsin's Public Utility Commission (PUC), we now know the answer. Paul C. Newman, the CIO at PUC, decided to undertake an initiative to go paperless—or at least reduce the organization's paper usage. His report highlights the results of his work and sheds light on how other institutions can benefit from a document management system.

The Case for Going Paperless

Newman's report makes a case for document management simply through the shocking numbers. For instance, the government agency reduced their paper usage over twelve years from 15 pallets to only two pallets. They were using three million sheets of paper in 2002, and reducing that to a fraction saved them a considerable amount of money. Through digitizing processes such as invoicing, HR documentation, and others made their paper usage decline precipitously.

Perhaps more interestingly, however, was what they gained by going digital. Newman's report outlines how electronic processes made the agency more efficient, saving money in more ways than just cutting consumables costs. Traveling employees could use digital options to transmit paperwork back to the office, and automated filing options reduce errors and improve turnaround time.

The benefits of using a document management system are numerous, and it's worthwhile to read Newman's report of how the Wisconsin PUC took advantage of this powerful solution. Could your Richmond business reap some of these benefits as well? Contact us today to learn more about how document management can improve your company's efficiency and lower your costs. We can help you draw up a customized strategy to digitize your processes and move away from costly paper.

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