How to Use Technology to Become a Top-Tier Business

Managed IT Services Benefits

Technology is an ever-present part of every modern business—from computers to smartphones to network infrastructure, you can't escape it. And maybe you shouldn't try to. New research suggests that the way you view IT is a significant predictor of your company's success. Here's why.

Necessary Evil or Just Necessary?

Too many business executives see IT as a necessary evil—they wish no funds, no time, and no resources had to be spent on it, but they understand it's essential for functioning in today's world. What these professionals are missing is the strategic IT planning that can make your company thrive.

A recent survey by Symantec Research made this abundantly clear. In 83% of top-tier companies, strategic IT planning is viewed as important. Conversely, only 44% of bottom-tier companies considered strategic IT planning important. This dichotomy paints a clear picture of what it takes to succeed in today's competitive environment.

How can you change your IT planning to propel your business forward? How can you take a hint from these companies and make your business top-tier? These steps—gleaned from Symantec's research—can get you started.

  1. Think long term: Instead of looking at the initial cost of technologies or services, instead consider the long term advantages. Any expense can be a roadblock for the frugal company, but in the end, having the wrong or inadequate technology can cost you more and hold you back.
  2. Align your goals and technology: Set your company's goals and then align any technology purchase, service, or decision with these goals. This is strategic planning at its finest.
  3. Stay informed: Sure, you don't need to know about Snapchat's most recent update or the newest social media app, but don't let yourself get behind on technological trends. Be aware of new IT options such as mobility, virtualization, and cloud services.
  4. Stay safe: No IT plan is complete without extensive security. Be sure you understand and can navigate the changing waters of IT security.

With the right IT strategy, you can move your business forward. Contact us to learn more about our managed IT services and how we can help.

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