4 Ways to Improve Your Print Fleet’s HIPAA Compliancy

Healthcare print fleets are remarkably unique – the biggest reason being HIPAA regulations & compliancy needs. Because printers are, in a sense, an open portal, they can’t be overlooked as HIPAA risks.

The challenge of healthcare print fleets is to remain HIPAA compliant with a wide range of devices, often scattered across large hospital or medical system campuses. Below, you’ll find four significant ways to improve your printer’s HIPAA compliancy practices:

#1: Locking machines overnight

If your print fleet isn’t secured in a locked office overnight, you run the risk of having your data and electronic medical records comprised. If you’re unable to lock your hardware overnight, consider a solution like PaperCut that will allow you to have devices auto shut off at certain times of the night.

#2: Protected Printing

If you push print and your job sits on the output tray waiting to be picked up, it’s easy for that job to fall into the wrong hands.

Secure print software adds an element of verification to print – it requires anyone walking up to the machine to tell the printer to release a job using a password, badge, or ID. This eliminates a huge risk of information being unintentionally spread.

#3: Protect your hard drive

The documents and data sent to a printer are stored on the device hard drive. To protect that information, there are a number of measures you can take, including; encrypting hard drives, scrubbing or erasing them (if you’re replacing the machine), and storing unused hard drives in a secure location.

#4: Managed Print

In a print fleet as large and complex as one in healthcare, it’s important to track print behavior to increase security and control print cost. With our systems your organization could monitor, track and change user’s print behavior to allocate prints to a certain user, project, or department, track the movement of documents by user, and secure print jobs.

Virginia Business Systems would love to help you ensure your print fleet is HIPAA compliant. Are you interested in learning more? Give us a call today at (804) 270-7003. 


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