Allocating Print Costs In Your Law Firm

                Between case files, depositions, and record retrievals, printing costs for law firms can be a hefty expense, especially when they’re not tracked. Many legal businesses choose to implement software to help control print costs and allocate print parameters to departments or individuals.

                PaperCut MF is an excellent software to help law firms track these costs. PaperCut allows your firm to set up print parameters such as:

  • Set up secure, “Follow Me” printing so that a job does not print until the person who sent it is at the device and releases it
  • Only allow certain departments to print in color
  • Allocate certain print volumes to departments or individuals
  • Limit printing to certain hours of the day or week (no more birthday party flyers being printed at the office for Sally’s boys!)

This solution boasts an easy user interface (view a demo here), and it works on virtually any device, regardless of manufacturer. One of our clients, FinFit, shared their feedback on the solution:

“PaperCut’s reporting functionality will allow us, for the very first time, to see exactly what our usage is and what it’s comprised of......a view that will enable us to begin to understand the volumes being generated and modify users and permissions accordingly to pro-actively keep our costs down while our  organization’s staff and clientele base expands!”

View FinFit’s full testimonial here

                Licensing PaperCut MF from Virginia Business Systems is easy – we’ll do a full discovery to find out your legal business’ needs and budget, and then we’ll install the software, implement your parameters, and train your team on how to use it. You can also check out this list of frequently asked questions on pricing and liscensing PaperCut MF here.

                To set up a free consultation on implementing cost-control software like PaperCut MF into your law firm or business, click here.



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