With COVID-19 at the forefront of everyone’s mind, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are turning to signage to communicate rapidly changing protocols and information to keep customers — and employees safe.

Signage can help communicate much-needed information regarding the COVID-19 crisis or even simply help customers understand more about your store or products after the crisis has passed. The critical factor in getting your sign noticed, however, is size.

For example, large, easy-to-read signs can:

  • Help enforce social distancing for a safe opening or reopening of your store
  • Direct customers through your office or store
  • Communicate health and safety commitments your company is initiating
  • Advertise in-store specials and promotions
  • Provide QR codes for curbside delivery
  • Capture attention and convey your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

While signage is critical during a crisis, it’s also essential if you want to attract customers, drive traffic to specific areas in your store, and influence purchases.

Use Wide Format Printing to Make More Compelling Signs

Wide-format printing allows you to create signage that is engaging, informative, and compelling.

And, because larger letters are easier to read and understand, sign size is critical. At 100 feet, at least 10-inch letters are necessary to make an impact.

An in-house wide format printer allows businesses to create signs on the fly — changing information as quickly and easily as necessity dictates. Rather than waiting days — or even weeks — for a print provider to deliver your sign, you can create and install it in a matter of minutes.

The right wide-format models provide brilliant color for more impact and can be used with a wide array of media, from varying weights of paper to banner vinyl, adhesive vinyl, window vinyl, canvas, and even backlit display film.

This versatility means your wide format printer can produce all types of signs for nearly any application, from car magnets and window decals to banners for indoor or outdoor use. Solvent inkjet printers provide durable, long-lasting graphics and sharp colors that are durable in all kinds of environments.

Wide Format Signage Possibilities

To demonstrate the utility of wide-format printing, let’s take a quick walk through a virtual retail business that’s planning a grand opening.

First, our business wants to get customers through the door to introduce them to what they have to offer. With wide format printing, it’s easy to design, create, and print banners, signs, and even a flag to capture the attention of passersby.

Now, our business draws customers inside with vinyl window graphics showcasing their product or service or highlighting grand opening specials that are available in the store.

Once inside, some adhesive wall decals can help set the mood, emphasize a theme, or just display the company’s logo to further imprint the brand in the mind of their customer.

Finally, they’ll sprinkle a variety of sale signs and signs that direct customers to different areas of the store to make merchandise or sales assistance easier for them to locate.

With an in-house wide format printer, this scenario is easy to create and even easier to change as the grand opening settles into business as usual. Signs can change according to sales events, seasons, or, as mentioned earlier, to convey important information to shoppers during a crisis.

Edwards Business Systems — Your Source for the Highest Quality Wide Format Printers

When you need reliable, on-demand wide format or production printing, you’ll want to choose from industry-leading manufacturers such as Konica Minolta, Xerox, and KIP.

At Edwards Business Systems (EBS), we work with these leaders in cutting-edge print technologies to ensure you have the widest range of choices and the most reliable products to help you create stunning wide format signs, banners, decals, and more.

Our curated suite of products gives you flexibility and choice so you can design, create, and print the signs you need with practically the touch of a button.

With features like intuitive touchscreen interfaces, workflow automation, integration with popular operating systems, and a choice of functions, these printers will help you take your small business to the next level with eye-catching signs.

Catch the attention of prospective and current customers with the impact of wide format signs. Contact an EBS representative now and learn how you can start printing your signs in-house economically and easily, today.