EBS/ VBS earns 94.87 NetPromoter Score for August

Many Companies claim they have the "Best Service in the business" but few even have a way to measure how happy customers are. Here at Virginia Business Systems we have a system that allows us to capture feedback after every service call. We use the Net Promoter Score® system

The average N. American company has a Net Promoter Score of 10. Some well-loved companies reach scores into the 70s and 80s.

Don't Let Malware Ruin Your Day

Managed IT Services Benefits

Malady. Malaise. Malaria. Malcontent. Malfunction.

It's a bad day when you need a word beginning with the prefix mal (meaning bad) to describe your situation. Malware is no exception.

If you've been having a relatively good day, malware can turn it into a bad one with just one click. Read on to discover the steps you can take to keep malware at bay.

Meet Your Goals With the Xerox WorkCentre 3215/3225

Richmond Multifunction Printers

What are your Richmond organization's goals this year? Aside from core business objectives, you'd probably like to:

Don't Miss Out on These Four Benefits of Managed Print Services

Benefits of Managed Print Services

More companies than ever are discovering the benefits of Managed Print Services. Here's why:

Working with a Managed Print Services partner is an effective way for organizations of all sizes to improve productivity, reduce costs, and leverage the robust workflow solutions found within today's printing technologies.

Here are just a few of the many advantages.

Go Green With Document Management

Document Management Richmond

Has your Richmond organization made a commitment to reduce your carbon footprint but had a difficult time making it a reality? Your document processes may be at the heart of the matter, and there's a solution close at hand. But first:

Some Sobering Statistics About Document Processes

Are overflowing filing cabinets crowding out your Richmond staff? Are binders full of paper growing dusty on shelving units? Are folders stuffed with paper documents piling up on your desks?

Reducing Risk with Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Benefits

Have you discovered the many Managed IT Services benefits available to your small to medium business? With security threats on the rise, outsourcing your networks to expert service providers is a smart business move.

Some Sobering Statistics

Whether intentional or accidental, security breaches through employees are a real problem. Consider these sobering responses from a recent study:

Six Questions to Ask About Your New Multifunction Printer

Richmond Multifunction Printers

Bringing a new multifunction printer online can deliver new levels of productivity to your Richmond office. Check out our tips to make sure the transition is a rewarding one!

Six Critical Questions to Ask an MFP Dealer

Ask your dealer about the following issues to make sure your new multifunction printer is all your staff hopes it will be.

Manage Your Information Better with Managed Print

Benefits of Managed Print Services

One of the ongoing challenges for 21st-century businesses is how to improve the ways they manage their information. From the rise of BYOD and remote employees to big data and cloud computing, the way businesses share their information is constantly changing.

When listing the benefits of Managed Print Services, improvements in information sharing is a major player. Here's why.

A Better Way to Manage Your Information

Document Management Richmond

If you're accustomed to using email to share documents in your Richmond organization, you've probably already encountered the most common problems found in this approach.

1. "Where did I file that document again?" We've all been there. We name a document, create a new file or store it in an existing one, but the next time we search for it, we draw a blank. The time wasted in finding lost documents (or worse, recreating them) is a significant drain on productivity and revenues.

Three Ways to Avoid an Unpleasant Introduction to Malware

Managed IT Services Benefits

Malware. The very word makes business owners shudder, and it should. The prefix mal directly translates to mean bad, which is a good way to think of it. When your business's computer or networks become infected with malware, it's a bad day indeed.

Malware can include anything from viruses, worms, and Trojan horses to spyware that gathers data from your system without your knowledge. No matter its form, malware is best avoided.


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