Discover 4 Ways To Integrate Education & Technology

Make Math Interactive

Sharp AQUOS BOARDs are ideal for education environments. Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, & Universities can benefit from the advanced technology & the collaborative features that provide a true “hands-on” learning experience.


Make Meetings Interesting
You have the freedom to save and share classroom lesson plans, annotations and lectures. Designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts, their responsive touch pens allow several people to write on the same touch screen simultaneously. 


Use Technology That Works For You
Integrates with leading learning management systems such as Blackboard®, Promethean® ActivInspire and ClassFlow™, Google® Classroom, Splashtop® Classroom and more. And, they are maintenance free. No bulbs to replace, no shadows and no warm-up/power down time.

Integrate Education & Technology
It’s often a challenge for educators to keep students engaged in the classroom. Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems are designed to enhance collaboration. Up to 50 students can follow along with the lesson plan and add input through their tablets, laptop computers and smartphones, right at their desks.




Are you interested in learning more about the ways your school can integrate education & technology using SHARP Aquos Boards & Edwards/Virginia Business Systems? Give us a call today at (804) 270-7003.

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