Document Management Offers Numerous Benefits

Document Management, Lynchburg

For many companies, important documents are filed away into bulky filing cabinets. If a particular document is needed, it can be especially time-consuming to comb through the filing cabinets to find that one piece of paper. If a paper is misfiled, it can take even longer. And, filing cabinets do not offer a great deal of security.

For companies in Lynchburg who want have an easier, more secure way of storing and retrieving documents, Electronic Document Management (EDM) from Edwards/Virginia Business Systems is the right choice. Here are some of the benefits of switching to a document management system:

Easier Storage and Access

With piles of important documents to keep track of and have on-hand, an EDM can streamline the process for you. Construction companies, for example, need access to blueprints, receipts, permits, bids, and more. EDM can help those companies file these documents in a way that makes sense, and in a way that makes accessing up-to-date information easy.

EDM can simplify the operations of any business. This, in turn, can increase productivity and make for happier employees and customers.

Better Security

EDM systems can track documents, who updated it, who has seen it, etc. With cloud-based storage, you can also feel assured that your documents won't be lost in the event of a disaster, and they are safer than those documents filed away in the office filing cabinets.

Greener Practices

Going paperless is kind to the environment. Utilizing electronic documents means you are printing less, which, in turn, means less printing and less waste. These green practices have an added benefit: a positive impact on your bottom line. Using less paper, ink, and other printing supplies means you are spending less on those supplies.

An electronic document management system offers your company several excellent benefits. To find out more about how EDM can work for you, contact Edwards/Virginia Business Systems today.