Gaining Control of Your Print Fleet with Papercut

By: Grace Oak


PaperCut is a software solution you can implement to save money and increase your device security.

Using this tool, you can instantly track printing usage. You’ll never have to chase after whomever printed that 2000 page document again.

The big selling point of this solution is the secure printing. Using PaperCut, your jobs won’t print until the person who printed them is at the device waiting to pick them up. Long gone are the days of sensitive documents sitting out on the printer waiting to fall into the wrong person’s hands!

In order to cut costs, this solution tracks costs by person, department, or custom shared accounts. You can also assign quotas and certain rules to those groups, like not allowing accounting to print in color.

The best part? You can load PaperCut easily on any of your existing machines, regardless of manufacturer.

PaperCut’s best features:

  • Budgeting made simple using tracking of print behaviors
  • Increased security and easy monitoring (Follow-Me Printing)
  • Watermark printing with student and faculty names, including dates
  • Easy user interface (view a demo here)
  • Works on any brand of printer, or platform at any time

Check out this testimonial from one of our clients in the Tidewater area currently using PaperCut:

“It was a pleasure working recently with Virginia Business Systems to determine cost-effective solutions to our ever-increasing printing costs!  Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous during the entire process, they and their team made switching contracts, installing new equipment, and implementing new print policies an absolute BREEZE!

We are extremely excited at the prospect of a significant reduction in our future printing costs through the utilization of PaperCut MF software!  Previously, we had very little insight into what our billable volumes consisted of....i.e., what was being printed? by whom? which department?  However, with PaperCut MF, not only does it provide secure print functionality to keep confidential items secure, it also allows users to quickly and easily delete print jobs that they no longer need or that were sent in error (i.e., draft 5 has been issued so pending print jobs for drafts 3 and 4 can be deleted....or a 100-copy print job that should have been 10 copies can be removed!).  Automatic savings result because if it doesn’t print, it doesn’t count towards billable volumes! 

More importantly for us, though, is the ability to set user and departmental limits and permissions with respect to color vs black print capability – just the use of this parameter alone will result in huge savings as several of our users tend to submit print jobs, without checking for black vs color print parameters first.....the ability to set a user to “black print only” easily eliminates that issue!!  In addition, PaperCut’s reporting functionality will allow us, for the very first time, to see exactly what our usage is and what it’s comprised of......a view that will enable us to begin to understand the volumes being generated and modify users and permissions accordingly to pro-actively keep our costs down while our  organization’s staff and clientele base expands!”

If you’re interested in learning more about this incredible tool from Virginia Business Systems, contact us by clicking here.



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