Hackers are after you.


Cyber criminals armed with ransomware are a hot topic in the news. Many hackers are targeting small businesses that don’t typically have the capital to invest in heavy-duty cybersecurity. Businesses are forking over up to $250,000 to hackers in order to recover their data stolen in attacks. The prevalence of ransomware attacks has gotten so bad, in fact, that articles began swirling on whether or not ransomware payments made were tax deductible.  

Many small business owners buy into the fallacy that they won’t be targeted due to the size of their company. In reality, small businesses are equally as likely as large corporations to be targeted for cyber-attacks – we’re just less likely to hear about them. So what can you do to protect your business?


Teach, Direct, and Inspect.

If your company doesn’t already have security policies written into the employee handbook, now is a good time to write them in. Include policies about social media usage, usage of company email, clicking on links, and more. Click here to see a full list.


Monitor, Protect, and Perfect.

All devices in your business should have some form of data protection, from firewalls to anti-virus software. You may also consider using a VPN or virtual private network rather than wifi for internet access, as VPN is more secure.


Bring in experts to check.

Many of the small businesses we work with can’t afford to employ a full-time staff member dedicated to cybersecurity. EBS/VBS can come in as specialized contractors on a project basis or one that is longer term to help set up automated processes to secure your data.


This is a critical point in our history for data security. The burden is on small business owners to realize the threat and work to protect their processes. If you’re interested in learning more about securing your business’ data, contact us today.



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