The hidden cost of your printer

It can be difficult for companies to gain control of their print costs. It’s estimated that 1-3% of revenue for most organizations is spent on costs associated with copying and printing. In a larger organization with multiple printer fleets, this can quickly add up to a monumental cost.

In order to tabulate how much your company is spending, you’d need to add costs of paper, toner, the energy to run the devices, and more. Plus, many of these costs may be billed through separate departments, making it difficult to find a comprehensive overview of your organization’s total investment.

Stop buying printers from big box retailers

It’s easy to be tempted by the inexpensive desktop printers from big box retailers, but the hidden costs of these devices adds up over a short period of time. When you factor in service needs, ink costs, and time spent performing maintenance, the cost quickly supersedes the bargain printer.

Enter Managed Print Services from EBS/VBS. We can help you manage your print fleet while providing opportunities for significant expense control and enhanced productivity. We provide:

  • On-Site Service, four hour average response time, including remote locations for: Parts, Labor, Supplies, Maintenance Kits
  • Manage Print Cost
  • Help Desk ( First Pass ) toll free support
  • Toner Cartridge delivered to the desktop
  • One invoice per-month for all supplies
  • Web access for placing service calls or toll free
  • No costly inventory for spares on-site
  • Authorized service and sales provider
  • Relieving IT Departments of troubleshooting and maintaining printers
  • Quarterly reviews to adjust for any changes in average print volume for billing
  • Fast service – guaranteed 4 hour on site response time

We’ve been in business for over 60 years because we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure we are consistently providing superior service. With ongoing consultation, we ensure we’re giving you the best price and service possible.

Are you interested in learning more? Call us at (804) 270-7003 to learn more today. 


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