Managed Network Services: Your Small Business and Cyber Attacks

Managed Network Services

Cyber attacks are nothing new. With high profile security breaches sending shock waves across the world on a regular basis, small to medium business may think they have little to worry about. After all, the cyber criminals in question went after the big guys. Unfortunately, the opposite is now true.

Cyber attacks aimed at small businesses were up an astonishing 91% in 2013, according to Symantec's Brian Burch. Also alarming was the 500% increase in ransomware attacks against small businesses. Cyber criminals claiming to be law enforcement demand fees to release data they've encrypted and hold for ransom.

Some Practical Steps

One of the main reasons for the uptick in attacks against small businesses is that many of them do not have the resources to protect themselves adequately. Here are some steps you can take to avoid becoming the next victim:

  • Make sure all systems are updated regularly.
  • Don't skimp on anti-virus software. Get the best you can afford.
  • Be absolutely certain that email attachments are from sources you can trust. Check, then double-check before opening attachments included in suspicious emails.
  • Backup data regularly.
  • Move data to cloud storage systems.
  • Educate your staff on how to recognize threats, choose strong passwords, and keep consumer-based apps like Facebook out of the workplace.
  • If a computer appears to be infected, immediately disconnect it from your network and get professional assistance.
  • If you suspect your network has been compromised, remove all systems from your network and then change all passwords.

Managed Network Services—A Better Solution

Taking the above practical steps is a good place to start, but they place a heavy burden on your staff. A better solution is to partner with a Managed Network Services professional. They'll take care of your network 24/7, protecting your company's sensitive data so you can get back to your real business.

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