A Proactive Approach to Your Network

Managed IT Services

If you've ever owned or rented a home where partial upgrades were made to important infrastructures over a long period, you know how frustrating it can be to keep things running smoothly. Nothing really works well, and crisis management seems to be a regular occurrence. It isn't until you face the inevitable and replace the entire mess with new components that you can finally relax and enjoy your home. Patching things up temporarily only works for so long. The same is true of your computer network. A lack of planning for the future can have some frustrating consequences.

Reactive or Proactive?

A reactive approach to your network can result in inefficiency and unreliability, putting your entire business at risk. An unplanned approach doesn't address future needs—it simply reacts to an immediate demand for repairs, more capacity or compliance mandates. Fortunately, with a good Managed IT Services provider, your company can enjoy a proactive approach to network design, avoiding unnecessary service interruptions and performance problems.

A Secure Future

A good Managed IT Services provider can design a network that meets your needs and fits within your current IT budget. Components will be chosen with an eye toward performance, reliability and the future—components that deliver the best return on investment for your company.

Ask the Right Questions

When talking to an IT company offering your company a managed IT services solution, it's important to understand what they have to offer. A few basic questions are a good place to start.

  • How do they keep their network running, and what tools will they use to design and maintain yours?
  • Who designed their network?
  • What safeguards and protocols do they use within their own business to keep their network reliable? If their network experiences regular interruptions, they'll have difficulty maintaining yours.

To find out what Edwards/Virginia Business Systems has to offer your company's network, contact us today for a managed network solution that works!

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