Using Scanners for Historical Documents

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The history of scanners dates back to technology developed in the 1840s, followed by the beginning of most of our current computer technologies that were beginning to be developed in the mid-1900s. Today’s scanners boast the latest and greatest in technology, and, for many, are helping to preserve history.

Scanners have the ability to turn paper documents into electronic documents. Because paper documents cannot live forever, no matter how well we preserve them, it is scanners that historians, academics, and libraries can turn in to an effort to preserve – and share – history.

Scanning Broadens Access

For those who are interested in history, whether for academic, work or personal reasons, scanning offers a way to increase access to historical documents. Papers that are scanned into an electronic on one side of the country may be shared with a historian on the other side of the country with ease.

For example, architects wishing to preserve the historical integrity of buildings, may wish to view historical documents about the infrastructure and history of a city. Scanned documents are easily archived and retrieved, making the architect’s search easy and quick.

Scanning Improves Presentations

Whether for a class or a company meeting, PowerPoint presentations with only text are often boring. Scanning, however, creates an opportunity to liven up the presentations and add credibility with historical documents.

Scanning Adds Interest to Websites

Regardless of the kind of website you run, you know that visuals accompanying the text make for a much more interesting web page. For companies, academics, contractors, or individuals who rely on historical details or data for their website, scanning is a must-have. How else can you share historic documents with your audience?

Scanners are excellent and useful pieces of technology for many businesses and individuals. To find out more about what scanners can do for you, contact Edwards/Virginia Business Systems today!