Is Your Company Prepared for Disaster?

Managed IT Services

One of the most serious threats to your business may not your competition. The loss of your company's collective knowledge could put you among the 70% of businesses who never recover from a catastrophic loss of data. You already have a plan in place to gain an edge over your competition. Do you have one in place to deal with a disaster?

Understanding Disaster Recovery

Disasters can come in many different forms, including natural disasters like fires, floods or storm-related power outages and manmade disasters like vandalism, employee error and cyber attacks.

A disaster recovery plan involves three key elements that should be in place in order for your business to survive a loss of data. A good managed IT services partnership will put your mind at ease about all three.

1. Disaster Prevention

Preventing disaster in the first place is obviously your best case scenario.

  • Consistent data backup
  • Ongoing education for staff members, including recognizing spam emails, creating strong passwords and safely navigating the internet
  • Consistent backup of software and spam filters to prevent viruses and malware from entering your network

2. Disaster Detection

Identifying and then addressing potential threats before they have a chance to negatively impact your network is critical.

  • Regular hardware checkups, including PCs, laptops, mobile devices and servers
  • Ongoing backup and data reports
  • Regular virus scans

3. Disaster Recovery

A comprehensive data recovery plan is your only assurance of survival after an attack on your company's proprietary information.

  • Fast, complete data recovery
  • A staff of IT experts on hand to make sure your data recovery is fast, comprehensive, and causes a minimum of disruption to your operations
  • System tests to assure the recovery is complete

There's no reason to leave your company's security to chance. With Managed IT Services from Edwards and Virginia Business Systems, you can concentrate on core business goals while we take care of your data. Contact us today for more information!

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