Allocating Print Costs In Your Law Firm

                Between case files, depositions, and record retrievals, printing costs for law firms can be a hefty expense, especially when they’re not tracked. Many legal businesses choose to implement software to help control print costs and allocate print parameters to departments or individuals.

Partner Spotlight: Becky Anderson & Mitch Leahy of GreatAmerica!

Becky Anderson & Mitch Leahy from GreatAmerica Financial Services! GreatAmerica is one of our premier leasing partners. Above is a photo of Becky, Mitch, and our President, Jim Dotter, at our Open House & Technology Exhibit last month in our Hampton Roads branch. This event featured partners and vendors from across the industry specializing in cutting-edge technology.


Partner Spotlight: Todd Falkenberg of U.S. Bank

Todd Falkenberg is a Regional Sales Manager at U.S. Bank, a premier leasing partner to Virginia Business Systems. Above Todd is pictured with our President, Jim Dotter, at our General Sales Meeting last month where Todd spoke on sales tools & improving the client experience.

We Are Not a Copier Company

By: Grace Oak

We’d like to dispel the myth that we are a copier dealer/vendor. We’re so much more than that! EBS/EBS/VBS has been on the cutting edge of document management and solution technologies since our development. It’s time to think beyond the copier- here are some of the other cost-cutting services that we offer:

Ransomware Protection/Disaster Recovery Services

Gaining Control of Your Print Fleet with Papercut

By: Grace Oak


PaperCut is a software solution you can implement to save money and increase your device security.

Using this tool, you can instantly track printing usage. You’ll never have to chase after whomever printed that 2000 page document again.

Virginia Business Systems to Host Open House & Technology Exhibit


Contact: Amanda Huelskamp, Marketing

(804) 545-6567 |


Virginia Business Systems to Host Open House & Technology Exhibit

New lease accounting standards released

The long-awaited new lease accounting standards have been issued by the U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Although the two boards had hoped to converge on one standard, two separate standards have been released to guide companies based on whether they follow U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Should you lease or buy your office technology?

Should you lease or buy your office technology?

If your business needs new multifunctional devices, you may be investigating if you should lease or buy this equipment. Today, the majority of our clients lease their equipment, since technology changes rapidly. The traditional office copier is no longer just a printer and scanner – with the digitization of these devices, they have become a powerful tool performing multiple document management tasks and even helping your business become more environmentally friendly.

VBS Best Practices for Environmental Sustainability


If your company would like to improve eco-friendly practices to become more envrionmentally conscious, you have many options. Every company has the opportunity to become more envrionmentally friendly. In addition to the benefits of envrionmentally-friendly office practices, these best practices could also help to grow your business, since many clients are now looking for companies that prioritize envrionmental ethics.

Discover 4 Ways To Integrate Education & Technology

Make Math Interactive

Sharp AQUOS BOARDs are ideal for education environments. Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, & Universities can benefit from the advanced technology & the collaborative features that provide a true “hands-on” learning experience.



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