Control Your Document Life Cycle at the Source

For most organizations, printing oversight and control are a unique challenge. Organizations face developing strategies for document/data security, compliance, elimination of wasteful printing, control of unauthorized access, and cost controls.

Device management provides the oversight and security needed in today’s environment while also providing end users with streamlined workflow capabilities that drive efficiency. Device management provides controlled access to print devices, both MFP and stand-alone print devices providing availability to print from BYOD, cloud applications, desktop and web access for document output. And providing expanded workflow capabilities beyond what the standard MFP offers for direct integration with Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and other cloud-based applications in addition to OCR functionality.

Why implement device management?

The vast majority of modern offices print and every single organization must handle documents in physical or digital form. While many have been able to move to more high-impact solutions such as multifunction printers, others still face the reality of multiple devices scattered across a maze of offices in a facility.

In this environment, document control frequently cannot maintain total visibility and control over a print environment. Device management allows companies to solve challenges such as:

Controlling printing costs from the ground

Controlling printing costs from the ground

Don’t let covert printing derail environmental initiatives or the transition to a paperless office. Understand where devices are located, which ones receive the most use, and allocate resources according to needs which align with goals. Control and reporting capabilities at user, department, group, and device levels ensures that you always have control over print costs and devices allocation.

Implementing stronger access control and security

Implementing stronger access control and security

The more devices in a fleet, the harder it becomes to ensure that only the right people access printing resources. Integration with Active Directory provides centralized management and integration with existing access cards minimizes change for users.

Enforce compliance through Find Me and Secure Print features allowing users to collect, edit and delete print jobs at the panel and eliminating security breaches from secure data sitting in uncollected print jobs on devices.

Utilizing increased integration

Utilizing increased

The era of mobile printing and wireless connectivity means that anyone with the right software can access a company’s print environment. Device access enables authentication measures, active directories, and mobile optimization of a print environment without creating opportunities for unauthorized use. Device management software can enable access to cloud repositories such as GoogleDrive, DropBox and One Drive for both scanning input and print output, and OCR functionality increases document versatility.

Providing greater printing access without sacrificing visibility

Providing greater printing access without sacrificing visibility

A single, central printer might work for a small office, but it will hamstring the productivity of a large organization which prints thousands of documents per hour. Keep required printing accessible but visible with device management.

Device management supports document management

Edwards Business Systems partners with industry leading software developers to help clients reduce printing and gain increased control over the office print environment. Custom solutions for clients may include software such as:

Paper Cut

Print tracking software PaperCut simplifies device management by tracking and controlling print behavior from one easy interface. Get reports by user, department or device – all oriented towards reducing a company’s environmental footprint and sustaining green initiatives, drive workflow with cloud integration and OCR and enforce compliance with secure print queues.


Edwards Business Systems partners with ACDI to provide credit card, coin and bill collection options that integrate with MFP/Printers or stand alone
in your print environment.

Manage printing costs by controlling the source

With a custom device management plan, organizations can enjoy:

  • Reduced expenditures on printing, archiving, and document storage.
  • Increased productivity by leveraging automation, integration, and more efficient processes.
  • Additional security due to total print environment visibility.
  • Compliance assurances from best-in-class solutions and providers.
  • Proactive document backup alongside better document management.
  • More effective access for on-site and remote employees who need it.
  • Commitment to environmental initiatives supported by reduced printing and smarter device usage.

Build a device management system that works

Edwards Business Systems has over 65 years of experience crafting bespoke document and device management strategies which drive new levels of productivity in organizations. Whether transitioning to a paperless office, adopting ambitious environmental initiatives, or introducing more robust document security for an office, device management is a critical key to print environment control.

Trust Edwards Business Systems to help develop a flawless device management plan. Contact us to learn how our collaborative approach ensures success, compliance, and security within your organization.

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