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Device Management Systems:

Most businesses largely underestimate the impact printing costs have on their organization. Costs associated with printing are largely unmanaged and overlooked. With an evaluation of your current print environment you can make decisions that impact your organization immediately.

Edwards and Virginia Business Systems can help you rein in costs associated with printing.  With the flexibility provided through our systems you monitor, track and change user’s print behavior through education, management and policy development. While providing flexibility needed to meet today’s business mandates, including mobile printing, driverless printing and environmental impact data.

Features offered with our device management systems include:

  • Control Printing Costs
  • Monitor usage on print data for users or groups of users
  • Allocate printing costs to a specific project, division or client
  • Build and monitor environmental initiatives
  • Optimization of  your print environment
  • Enable Mobile Printing
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Card Authentication
  • Pin Code Authentication


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Building a Device Management System to work for your organization:

The creation of a device management strategy begins with an assessment of the current print environment.  Understanding the layout of your multifunction and print devices, the location of the highest volume users and the role each user plays with in the organization allows us to make recommendations for policies to assist your business in reining in print costs. The Edwards/Virginia Business Systems team will work with key members of your organization to build a complete understanding of your current print policies and environment. We’ll build an overview of where, how and why documents are printed; with the goal of formulating the most efficient policies moving forward. 

Change management is crucial to success of any new print policy. Our evaluation will provide us the ability to outline a phased plan to reach your ultimate goals. Those goals may include allocation of costs to projects, client or departments; development of “green” initiatives; lower overall print costs. Our collaborative approach will ensure success and compliance within your organization.