Document Management

Managed IT Services

Document Management Systems:
A Pricewaterhouse Coopers Study determined it costs the average organization…….

  • $20 to file a document
  • $120 to find a misplaced document
  • $220 to replace a lost document

Virginia Business Systems can help you rein in costs associated with manual document handling.  Our systems provide the flexibility to handle any level of scan, archive and retrieval application.  Direct integration with line of business systems is also available, allowing your documents to work for you by streamlining data entry points within your organization. Check out this quick video regarding Document Management from Edwards and Virginia Business Systems!

Features offered with our electronic content management systems include:

  • Integrated archiving and indexing
  • Document automation and routing
  • Version control and collaboration
  • Back-file conversion
  • Enterprise level access control and security
  • Data mobilization systems
  • Annotation options for documents
  • Audit Trail for all document transactions

Managed IT Services   

Award winning document management system bringing people, paper and processes together in a system for the capture, storage and retrieval of document driven information.

Building a Document Management System to work for your organization:

Crucial to building a long lasting document management policy is the understanding of how and why documents are handled now within your organization.  The Edwards/Virginia Business Systems team will work with key members of your organization to build a complete understanding of your current document handling procedures.  We’ll build an overview of where and how a document is created, handled and referenced; with the goal of formulating the most efficient policies moving forward.  In depth understanding of your procedures and culture will allow us to build a blueprint for future document handling as well as aid us in recognizing pain points within the existing workflow.  Identification of systems integration opportunities often provides opportunities for resource optimization.  Integration offers workflow optimization eliminating multiple data entry points, accessing multiple systems, and manual document handling.    

Once we have built a blueprint of a potential document management system for your organization, we will meet with key members of your team to share our observations, recommendations and a baseline demonstration of the product(s) recommended for your organization.  We will also discuss “change management” during this meeting as it plays an instrumental role in the success of any document management system implementation.  Optimal installation and deployment requires the involvement and adaptation of key individuals throughout the organization.  Edwards/Virginia Business Systems will work with you to build a customized plan to meet your business’ needs.

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