Streamline Your Document Management Process

Documents are the lifeblood of the modern business and keeping track of them is only getting more complicated. As new technologies and ways of handling data appear, most companies find themselves under pressure to process, organize, and manage their documents adeptly.

Whether you’re working towards digitization, managing digital documentation, or trying to get a handle on the mountain of paperwork near your filing cabinets,
Edwards Business Systems can help you tighten, streamline, and transform your document management processes.

The challenges that document management solves



Keeping data safe is of paramount importance to any business. However, with numerous dynamic elements and processes, organizations may struggle to maintain a secure document environment. A solid document management strategy increases security by keeping the document life cycle visible and controlled.



Businesses may find themselves subject to a variety of compliance regulations. It’s difficult enough to keep track of these, let alone implement all of the requirements without tangling an office workflow into a fruitless mess of paper pushing. Document management helps identify compliance standards and enforce legal requirements.



As businesses handle greater and greater amounts of data, efficient processes become more important. Document management systems address this by keeping processes clear, standardized, and aligned with business needs.



The reality of digitization demands that businesses evolve, but electronic document management systems (EDMS) remain misunderstood and underutilized. Document management software empowers businesses to digitize their documents more effectively.



Businesses need to reliably and securely access their documents across a variety of platforms and devices. Document management systems help keep the work environment unified and accessible.

What document management services offer

Edwards Business Systems offers a full array of document management services. We partner with Square 9, Nuance, and others to create customized solutions which capture every phase of your organization’s document life cycle.

Document solutions may involve any number of types of EDMS, hardware, and software solutions. Edwards Business Systems is pleased to provide comprehensive document management solutions.

How document management helps your company succeed

The right document management brings several advantages to an office. Including:

Cost savings

Reduce costs by making the document life cycle more efficient. You’ll eliminate unnecessary printing, slash costs accrued from lost documents, experience less downtime, and gain solutions which scale with your business.

Disaster recovery & backup

Document management covers the entire document life cycle, not just the fun parts. By implementing processes which guarantee recovery and backup, you’ll never lose another valuable piece of information again.

Streamline workflows

Document management shows you what processes can improve to streamline the efficiency of your workspace. Eliminate redundancies, automate steps, and cut through the confusion with document management.

Security & compliance

Gain both security and compliance with a robust document management strategy. By implementing standardized procedures and compliance regulations, you’ll stay not just up-to-date with the best practices, but secure and able to respond effectively to threats.

Edwards Business Systems knows documents

Document management systems take the confusion out of an office document’s life cycle. From capture to digitization, storage, and archival, a strong document management strategy is quintessential to the success of a modern office.

Edwards Business Systems knows documents, document management systems, and the strategies which work best for different industries. We partner with top-of-the-line experts in the document solutions industry to create customized management processes for each of our clients.

To get started transforming your document processes into a modern workflow, contact one of our specialists today to discuss your goals and needs.

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