Go Green

Managed IT Services

Edwards/Virginia Business Systems and Virginia Business Systems are committed to operating our businesses in an environmentally responsible manner and to helping our clients do the same. In our ever-increasing dedication to green business practices, we are proud to be members of the Green Business Bureau, the Eco Chamber, Sustainability Lehigh Valley, and New River Valley Go Green.

At Edwards & Virginia Business Systems, we pride ourselves on our continued commitment to helping our customers establish green recycling programs. Because of this commitment, we have partnered with Konica Minolta to bring our customers access to their Clean Planet Program. Through this program, businesses can implement a true recycling program that allows for all consumables to be re-used and recycled. For more information on the Konica Minolta Green Planet Program, please click here

There are many steps to enhancing the green initiatives in your business, including:

  • Increase Energy Efficiency – Energy efficient devices are a great way to lower the amount of energy that your office consumes without making a significant change to policy. When devices are not in use they are much better at conserving energy, helping to save each month from your utility costs! All of our devices are setup with sleep modes activated before they are even delivered, ensuring that you are not overspending on utilities that aren’t necessary.

  • Lower Consumption of Paper – By reducing the amount of paper that your office uses every month, you not only reduce your impact on the environment, but can also see significant improvements on your office’s supply costs. Unmanaged printing can equal upwards of 1-3% of your office’s annual budget, meaning you are missing out on one of the most significant cost saving areas in your business. Another tactic that we utilize on all of our systems before they are delivered is the automatic setup to print duplex, or print on both sides of the page to further reduce paper consumption.

For more information on how you can go green with Edwards and Virginia Business Systems, please contact us today!