Technology continues to disrupt modern industries and industrial print solutions for small to large sized businesses are no different. Advances in digital production printing solutions provide new ways for companies to reduce costs while improving quality and speeding up the entire process. The release of new production grade, inkjet printers that include advanced finishing accessories and software integrations makes in-house production not only possible but a business necessity.

Advances in Production Printing Solutions

Many new innovative approaches are in the final stages of R&D, and the industry will continue to see better machines that use finer inks on a wider variety of mediums. With the digital market gaining ground over traditional, offset printing presses, manufacturers like Konica Minolta and Xerox are leading the charge with sophisticated technologies such as emulsion aggregate (EA) toners and Memjet imaging software.

Some of the latest printing trends in 2019 will include:

  • Nanography – Sometimes called nanotechnology for printing because it uses nano-pigments incorporated into water-based ink.
  • Water-based printing – Enables richer finishes on more types of mediums, including rigid stock such as plastic and wood.
  • Inkjet production printing – Improvements in print heads make it possible to print on gloss-coated papers without any pre-treatment.
  • Low energy UV curing – Uses mercury bulbs or LED light-emitting diodes to speed up the overall production cycle.

Additional trends include the use of hybrid inks, advanced erasable printing technologies, enhanced device security, and realistic proofing software applications. For companies seeking to deliver the highest quality production prints to its customers, there are many ways to adapt the workflow and infrastructure that will help achieve new efficiencies.

The capital investment model is also getting an upgrade, as the technology progresses much faster and leases need to adapt. With digital information exchange and realistic proofing technologies, the entire production cycle can speed up and allows for a shorter design and approval process. It also means companies can provide smaller production runs at no change in the cost to the customer.

Examples of Modern Industrial Printers for Small to Large Businesses

Modern industrial (or production) print presses support wider mediums, have lower operating costs, faster processing, and complete end-to-end finishing capabilities. The devices integrate with the entire IT infrastructure, include advanced workflow options, and produce consistent quality for every job or run. These devices also have a higher yield and duty cycles, use less power, and supports both dry and liquid toners.

Konica Minolta Accurio Jet KM-1 Digital Inkjet Press

The Konica Minolta Accurio Jet combines the speed and flexibility of offset presses with digital variable printing technology. This allows companies to produce short-run variable data jobs with little lead times and without any compromise in quality. The Accurio Jet provides greater feed stability from high front-to-back registration and uses a gripper-to-gripper sheet transfer system. As a complete, in-house print production solution, the Konica Minolta Accurio Jet KM-1 delivers quality, consistency, efficiency, and flexibility to any organization.

Key features of the Accurio Jet KM-1 include:

  • Flexible media options without the need for special substrates and maximum sheet sizes of 23” x 29.5” (585mm x 750mm).
  • Support for CTP (Computer to Plate) workflow directly from a digital front-end.
  • Paper thickness of up to 0.6mm (simplex) and 0.45mm duplex.
  • Production of up to 3000 sheets per hour simplex and 1500 duplex.
  • High-resolution UV ink print heads for 1200 x 1200 true dpi.
  • Offset coated or uncoated (including textured) paper support and precision sheet reversal mechanism for duplex print jobs.

With a compact design that reduces the physical footprint and ergonomic maintenance accessibility, the Konica Minolta Accurio Jet KM-1 Inkjet Press delivers best in class image quality and production efficiency. It’s perfect for variable data printing, improving relationships with customers while giving companies the ability to produce just-in-time production runs.

Xerox Versant Family of Presses

The Xerox Versant family of presses delivers enhanced automation that improves quality and gives greater media latitudes. For reduced calibration and alignment overheads, the Xerox Versant uses Integrated Registration Alignment (IRA) and Production Accurate Registration (PAR). It also includes Ultra HD Resolution with 10-bit imaging technology, providing four times more pixels per page than other modern presses.

The Xerox Versant presses features include:

  • Consistent and reliable output with Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) automation.
  • Efficient and speedy processing of stock between 52 and 350gsm.
  • Resolution of 2400 x 2400 dpi with production speeds of up to 100 pages per minute.
  • Wide range of finishing utilities including square fold, booklet, wire, GBC punch, and three edge trim.

Edwards Business Systems for Industrial Print Solutions

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