Managed Print Services

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The average billing is based on your monthly volume. The blended cost-per-page rate covers all of the expenses associated with laser printers, except paper and accessories (options that are not included with original model). Did you know that an average of 1-3% of a company’s annual revenue is spent on costs associated with printing? To make matters worse, according to Gartner, black & white printing is growing at a rate of 11% annually, while color is surpassing that at 19%! Since most organizations do not know exactly what they are spending on print, these expenses go largely unaudited, therefore costing business owners money. EBS/VBS can help you manage your print fleet while providing opportunities for significant expense control and enhanced productivity. Included in MPS from Edwards & Virginia Business Systems:

  • On-Site Service, four hour average response time, including remote locations for: Parts, Labor, Supplies, Maintenance Kits
  • Manage Print Cost
  • Help Desk ( First Pass ) toll free support
  • Toner Cartridge delivered to the desktop
  • One invoice per-month for all supplies
  • Web access for placing service calls or toll free
  • No costly inventory for spares on-site
  • Authorized service and sales provider
  • Relieving IT Departments of troubleshooting and maintaining printers
  • Quarterly reviews to adjust for any changes in average print volume for billing

In return this provides you with a program that facilitates only paying for what you print.

The Managed Print Services Program will enable you to reduce the number of vendors, reduce IT’s involvement in managing printer related problems, provide consistent pricing and service support and increase vendor accountability. Edwards/Virginia Business Systems will provide an automated tracking and reporting system that will allow you to account for all devices.

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Implementing Managed Print Services

Getting started couldn’t be easier:

With Edwards/Virginia Business Systems you’ll be well on your way to maximizing productivity and minimizing output expenses. Step 1: Strategy Development: Edwards/Virginia Business Systems will develop an effective Managed Print Services strategy will give you the opportunity for increased productivity and improved cost savings. Before we can develop an effective Managed Print Services strategy, however, we must first evaluate your current environment. An assessment lets us identify problem areas, establish benchmarks, and set reasonable expectations for estimated savings. Next, we will put together a master blueprint to help guide you in implementing your ideal printing and imaging infrastructure. Step 2: Optimization: Achieve one of the greatest benefits of Managed Print Services: An ideal balance between output costs and employee productivity. To do that you must deploy the right products at the right time — and in the right places. The number, location and type of devices deployed are all important factors in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your hardcopy environment. Optimal deployment requires striking the right balance between costs and productivity by carefully considering:

  • How many people are using each device
  • What functionality is required (print, scan, copy, fax, send to email)
  • The best locations to efficiently meet user needs
  • The workflow and document production
  • Requirements of users

What is a optimization?

Your deployment strategy is often seen as a choice continuum between maximum productivity and minimum cost. Conventional wisdom suggests that having a printer or all-in-one on every employee’s desktop is the most productive environment. Conversely, a centralized deployment strategy using departmental copiers or connected multifunction products is the lowest cost scenario. Edwards/Virginia Business Systems doesn’t recommend either strategy. Putting a printer on every desktop creates all kinds of administrative headaches, high costs and is not always the most productive environment. The centralized model, while less costly, has many productivity issues associated with walking long distances or long wait times for documents. Edwards/Virginia Business Systems recommends an optimization strategy employing multifunction products (MFPs) and single-function devices when appropriate. This approach can improve both printing performance and cost, while dramatically increasing device utilization, return on investment and productivity by moving advanced functionality closer to users

For every $1 spent on printing, up to $16 is spent on processing.

Estimated Annual Spending

Number of Employees Annual Consumables Spending
50 $23,500
100 $47,000
500 $235,000
1,000 $470,000
5,000 $2,350,000
10,000 $4,700,000

These are just a few of the many reasons to explore MPS from Edwards & Virginia Business Systems! Contact us today to learn more!