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Your office document processes need to flow faster and more cost-effectively, with less time wasted on touchy or broken machines. Is your print hardware up to the task of meeting all your modern business needs? At Edwards Business Systems, we have over 65 years in the office technology industry and we take pride in our ability to procure the office equipment which best meets our clients’ needs.

Many offices have a separate printer, scanner, photocopier, and fax machine. Each device takes up yet more precious office space, electricity, and time to learn to use. Each additional step in your document process diminishes efficiency. However, with a multifunction printer, you can do everything from one machine.

Multifunction printers are the workhorses of the modern office. These high-impact devices can transform your document processes into one centralized, finely-tuned workflow which amplifies productivity and business.

We partner with top brands to provide top solutions

Konica Minolta

Edwards Business Systems specialists work closely with Konica Minolta to bring next-generation enterprise document solutions to our clients. These all-in-one printers leverage powerful software solutions such as Square9 and PaperCut to take control of even the most demanding of print environments.


A staple of the modern workplace, Xerox is synonymous with office productivity. Its wide range of office hardware and software bring unparalleled flexibility for businesses large and small. Edwards Business Systems works with Xerox to provide insights into their wide range of wireless devices.


For businesses which demand nothing less than the most efficient use of machines and resources, Lexmark delivers on every front. As one of the first companies in the printing industry, Lexmark has built a name on innovation and focus on productivity. We recommend Lexmark for customized solutions supported by best-in-class equipment.


HP can meet almost any office equipment need, from computers to multi-function printers and beyond. Multifunction devices are where it really shines. Unrivaled in reliability and scalability, HP printers form the backbone of the document processes for many of our largest clients.

The right printer will make or break your workflow

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Why choose Edwards Business Systems?

5-Year service guarantee

5-Year service guarantee

Edwards Business Systems is proud to partner with award-winning manufacturers with reputations for reliability and efficiency. We back our solutions with a five-year service guarantee which will keep your machines running smoothly for their entire lifespan.

Pro-Tech certified technicians

Pro-Tech certified technicians

We’ve proven our dedication to providing only the most exceptional service and solutions by attaining the Pro-Tech Service Award from Konica Minolta. Our technicians receive extensive training on a broad array of technical and management skills to ensure you receive the most professional and satisfying support experience.

Local support

Local support

Through our strategic network of technicians, Edwards Business Systems offers guaranteed response times for clients with Service Agreements. We can provide on-site help within four hours of request for all businesses.

Help desk

Help desk

Access help and resources 24/7 through First Pass, our state-of-the-art help desk which mitigates issues even faster, potentially without the need for a service call. Our customers can receive one-on-one web-based assistance within one hour of reaching out to us.

Choose Edwards Business Systems for your

multifunction printer needs

Purchasing a multifunction printer is an investment, and Edwards Business Systems is committed to making sure that businesses get it right. While we offer many great options, the best printer is the one that fits the specific needs of your business.

A multifunction printer lets you take control of your print environment to better deliver flawless productivity and efficiency. Start a conversation today with one of our specialists to get the best device for you.

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