Strategic business partnerships allow companies to leverage external expertise in order to deliver better products and services to their customers. Fortune 500 companies have been doing this for decades, but most small to medium-sized enterprises only recently started to adopt similar strategies. As the modern economy continues to expand, reaching further and delivering goods and services to more and more customers, establishing a strategic partnership with an external organization can aid a company to expand, develop new revenue streams, as well as gaining a reputational advantage over competitors. 

Chances are if a company isn’t looking to partner with business productivity or technology providers, their competitors will quickly capitalize on the opportunity and stake out a larger market share within the industry. Partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers, Software Development firms, and Managed Services solution providers create new opportunities to streamline business workflows that enhance productivity and customer satisfaction. 

The Types of Strategic Partnerships Available for Businesses

For most business owners, the seat at the top can become a lonely place. Keeping up to date with the ins and outs of every new issue or development in the organization does take its toll on individuals. While delegating tasks and duties to subordinates may alleviate some concerns, the buck always stops at the top. 

It’s here where managed services can reduce a lot of the operational stress business owner’s face. A strategic business partnership with a managed services provider will improve office productivity, streamline operations, and ultimately reduce the overall cost of the daily overhead. Additionally, access to modern technological expertise can do wonders for improving both processing efficiency, automating repetitive tasks, and reduce support services and costs. 

Partnerships with Hardware and OEM Providers

The physical technology distributed around offices is prone to suffer from legacy lag, simply due to the high cost associated with replacing equipment. As the devices themselves require maintenance and servicing, it can create an operational risk when equipment fails and repairers aren’t readily available.

With a managed services partner, cycling new technology into the office environment happens more frequently, assisting employees to complete their tasks more quickly and improved consistency. Additionally, older generation technology (such as printers) present information security risks, with the connected devices requiring continuous oversight to prevent malicious software entering the system from these devices. 

Software Partnerships and Business Productivity Providers

Business productivity and software partnerships include everything from Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to streamline information capture, and enhanced automated workflows. With the right set of integrated software solutions, companies can improve information routing and processing, as well as digitize their paper files in order to streamline and improve office efficiency. 

With automated workflows, staff will accurately process and route information consistently and quickly. Process efficiency metrics become available, which will aid the company in continuously finding greater efficiencies. 

ORC technology allows staff to reduce menial work by capturing invoices directly from a scanned file. Instead of logging orders and invoices manually, OCR allows the company to establish templates of regular documents and map key metadata to electronic data fields within the information management system. Once staff digitizes the document, the workflow will automatically route tasks based on the document type and predefined workflow. 

Similarly, with an EDMS, companies improve data security while reducing the physical footprint of their paper files. With a disclosure classification assigned to each document, sensitive information is secured and unauthorized dissemination preventable. Modern EDMS solutions provide enhanced integrations with existing financial and operational systems, connecting the entire business’ systems to a single source of digital information. 

Print Services Partners

While leasing a new Multifunction Device (MFD) that includes printing, copying, and scanning features will improve the office’s productivity, ensuring the equipment remains stocked and operational does add overhead to staff. Engaging with Managed Print Services partner will ensure supplies (including paper and toner) are readily available and services automatically scheduled. It will also secure the print fleet from misuse, as the company can trace each print to the individual user in retrospect.

The print services company will monitor consumption remotely and ensure print usage becomes more transparent and costs associated with the activities remain under control. Keeping track of daily printing and copying volumes will allow companies to establish trends and forecast expenditure accurately on a regular basis. 

Edwards Business Systems as Your Strategic Office Productivity Solution Partner

As a service-based solution provider comes at a single monthly cost, companies can set budgets with confidence while gaining access to the latest technology and best practices for implementation. Edwards Business Systems was established in 1954, and served Eastern Pennsylvania and Central Virginia since then with expert advice and remain dedicated to customer satisfaction to this day. With partnerships that allow companies to source the latest information technology equipment and software solutions, Edwards Business Systems will ensure any company can achieve their strategic partnership goals. 

For more information about the technology and digital solutions that will improve your daily operational workflows, contact Edwards Business Systems today.