Service Philosophy

Managed IT Services

Your call is important to us so we will receive your call in a prompt and courteous manner every business day.

  • In an age of centralization, we continue to manage our clients’ accounts in our local branch offices staffed by highly trained and tenured Branch Administrators.
  • If you call after business hours your call will be received and allow you to leave information to be responded to promptly the next business day. You also have the opportunity to enter supply orders, meter reads and service requests via our web site 24/7 at
  • Our Customer Support Center will immediately evaluate your service requirements and will immediately dispatch to the appropriate field technician or to our full time experienced Help Desk.
  • The HELP DESK will respond to your needs within ONE HOUR of your call. Our Help Desk, manned by experienced technicians, is capable of resolving numerous issues regarding the proper operation of your equipment. This includes print functions that we can access remotely through Webex, our Web Based Diagnostics program.
  • Should a manufactured trained technician still be required to visit your facility, we will do so within FOUR HOURS average response. For equipment in production printing environments* we will respond within TWO HOURS on-site. These response time guarantees apply to clients with Service Agreements and are located within our standard servicing areas.
  • Clients under our Service Agreements will receive a 5 % credit against their base agreement at the point of renewal if we fail to meet our response time commitments.
  • When our technician arrives at your location they will discuss your concern, diagnose and take action on your problem and make sure you are aware of the satisfactory resolution required. In addition we will inspect, communicate and perform any other services required to bring your equipment up to satisfactory levels. In short, we will communicate with you from the time the call is opened until it is satisfactorily closed.
  • In the unlikely event that your equipment is inoperable for 48 hours we will provide a LOANER at your location until we resolve your service problem. Should you need to print while your unit is down, we will provide access to our nearest production printing facility at any point your equipment is inoperable.
  • When our Customer Support Center receives your supply order, we will ship from one of our two regional warehouses within TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. In the event that you have an emergency need, we will either over-night deliver to your location from a regional warehouse or accommodate a delivery or pick-up from our branch whenever possible.

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*Non-priority Preventative Maintenance calls are typically scheduled for a time that is mutually convenient and therefore not calculated in the Average Response Time Calculation.
**Production Print units are classified as 70+ ppm monochrome units and 50+ ppm full color.