Damien Murtagh

I wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with our choice of Virginia Business Systems to meet our printing needs in all areas of our decision. Firstly, the training that you came and provided to our staff was excellent. We were very grateful that you took the time to drive so far to us to provide the training and it was informative for our staff experienced with copiers and those who had little or no previous experience. I thought I knew everything I needed to about using a copier, but it turns out that there are many more features in the hardware that has greatly improved our productivity. I would not have known these things without your training. Secondly, I have found the support staff on the one if I need to place a service call or order toner very professional, informative and helpful. Every time I have had to make a service call, they have provided me with a job number without me even needing to ask. They have also followed up with technical staff without me needing to if there is an additional question. Thirdly, the service technicians have been outstanding. In our area, we have received support about the network from TJ and physical maintenance or repairs from Jeff. Both of these technicians are professional, courteous and efficient. They have been able to explain things in every day terms and are always willing to help. I recall one day in particular where a part was required that was not available at the time but Jeff was able to track it down from another technician, drove to meet them quite far away and came back and had it fully repaired all in the same day.

I also really can’t stress enough how outstanding you have been in particular. You are so friendly and courteous and we greatly appreciate that you even stop by to check on us if you are in the area.

Business Title: 
Program Director