Mark Hailey

In my business and in yours – service(s) are important. Making customers happy is what we all do. So I thought I’d mention to you a thing or 2 - I thought you should know.

Each: Jeff Coleman, Jeff Fuqua, T.J. and the new gentleman Tyler, each have played a role in keeping us up and running when it counted most. In today’s society being reliable is not easy to find…. BUT always – your team is!!!.  I hope you and the management team at your company will thank each of them. They NEVER say – That isn’t my job – or make any other excuses,,, instead they each find a way to make things happen and get things done, even if they have to take an hour drive to get a needed part for repairs.

Coleman & Fuqua both have been extremely great to work with in emergency situations and their professional attitudes and willingness to help are commendable. Your Service Team is #1.

Business Name: 
AREVA Service & Quality

You have an INCREDIBLE Team…. I count on them,,, always they go beyond and above. I could go on and on,,, bottom line is: YOU HAVE A GREAT SERVICE team here that serves us well – I am very thankful for them