Think managed network services are only for businesses? Think again. Every organization uses technology in some way, and senior living centers are no exception. These communities play an essential role in many people’s lives, providing seniors and their loved ones access to the care they need to maintain a happy, healthy life.

Like other parts of the healthcare system, retirement communities and senior living centers rely on technology to deliver the best possible services to their clients. In this regard, managed services can be of tremendous assistance. Read on to learn how Edwards Business Systems is helping enhance the quality of life in retirement communities in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

How Managed Network Services Support Retirement Communities and Caregivers

A managed network service provider is a third-party specialist who installs and oversees the development of network – or information technology (IT) – infrastructure in a company. Such services deliver many critical advantages to businesses. For retirement communities, managed network services can also be a way to acquire:

1. Secure, Accessible Client Information

IBM reports that the healthcare industry is one of the biggest targets for cybercriminals. This makes security a primary concern for any business in the healthcare industry. However, cybersecurity is often a nebulous topic that healthcare providers may not be prepared to tackle. A managed network service provider can step in to provide guidance and recommendations exactly where it’s needed, so that patient information stays safe, secure, and accessible always.

2. Reliable Backup Systems

Keeping data safe is only half the challenge – the other half is keeping it backed up in preparation for worst-case scenarios. Backups are a critical part of risk management and disaster planning. They ensure that a company won’t be at a loss should records get lost. For healthcare organizations, however, the stakes are even higher. Losing critical information about patients means losing prescription notes, patient medical history, and information that directly impacts the ability to care for an individual.

3. Access to Specific Technology

Managed network services can provide technology products and services tailored to the needs of an industry or business. For healthcare providers, that includes tools that help them not only keep their files and network optimized, but also their professionals efficient. A retirement community may enjoy the use of:

  • Remote monitoring devices: Such devices maintain visibility and connectivity across a community center, so staff always knows what’s happening.
  • Mobile devices: Make it easier to collect information on the go and share it with the people who need to know.
  • Electronic content management: Taking notes is one thing, but keeping them organized is an entirely different matter. A managed network service provider can help a senior center find the ECM tools and strategies that work for them.
  • Healthcare-oriented cloud services: Cloud services bring a tremendous amount of flexibility and accessibility to an organization. Leverage the right services to make it easier to share between professionals.
  • Technology and cybersecurity with seniors in mind: Seniors have many special needs, and that includes the technology they use. A managed network service provider can ensure that computers, phones, tablets, or other devices that the center provides remain functioning and safe, no matter who is using it.

4. Ensured Compliance

Many retirement communities and senior living centers handle protected health information or PHI. This is a special class of personal information that is governed by HIPAA, and compliance is not optional. However, finding the right tools and services can be incredibly challenging because it’s not always obvious what is and is not compliant. With a managed network service provider, retirement communities can ensure that they’re using the correct tools, in the correct way, for the correct reasons.

5. More Time for Caregiving

Technology is designed to make jobs quicker, easier, and more effortless – a well-designed network and IT infrastructure in a retirement community does exactly that. By spending less time fiddling with files and technology, professionals in these organizations gain more time to interact with residents and provide the caregiving they’re trained to do.

Edwards Business Systems Provides Managed Network Services for Retirement Communities in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Managed network services are incredibly valuable to a variety of industries, including healthcare. Retirement communities and senior living centers may not seem like tech companies at first glance, but they’re nonetheless reliant on many of the same processes and technologies of other healthcare organizations. Keeping protected health information safe and delivering the best possible care are two critical objectives for these communities. With managed print services, both goals can be met in a convenient, affordable, effective way.

Edwards Business Systems has 65 years of experience in helping companies acquire the tools they need to deliver the best services possible. Contact us today to get started.