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HP PageWide Printers Deliver Great Prints While Saving Costs

For busy businesses that have a lot of printing needs, including wide format printing, finding the right balance between speed, quality, and savings can be challenging. Fortunately, HP has been busy developing solutions that meet these very needs.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has been a leader in computer printers since the beginning days of the “PC Revolution.” Early on, HP developed a reputation for its reliable PC printing solutions. Now, HP has been working hard to maintain and build on that reputation with next-generation printing technologies.

HP’s PageWide line of printers is designed to bring the best of new technologies into wide-format printing. Some of these models are multifunction printers offering printing, scanning, copying, and more.

Reducing Costs Through Innovative Ink Dispersal Technology

One of the big problems with inkjet printers is the cost of the ink. It tends to run out more quickly than laserjet toner, which has made laserjet printers more economical in the long run in regards to ink or toner cartridge replacement. Unfortunately, color laserjet printers have a much higher up-front cost than inkjet printers. 

To solve this problem, HP came up with a way to control the amount of ink that is dispersed onto paper. By throttling different colors of ink, the HP PageWide technology saves a lot on ink waste and makes the HP PageWide printers much more economical when it comes to ink replacement.

Improving Reliability and Reducing Maintenance Costs

Another potential problem with laser printers is that they tend to have a lot of moving parts that can easily break or wear out. This includes the complicated drum mechanisms that work with the toner to produce ink on the pages. High-end laser printers can end up costing a lot to repair if something breaks down. 

HP decided to reduce this risk of breakage by brainstorming unique ways to lower the number of moving parts in their PageWide printers. By having fewer moving parts, the HP PageWide printer series does not need to undergo as much service or maintenance. Fewer moving parts also means that HP PageWide printers use less energy to run.

Controlling Print Quality to Save on Ink

HP has discovered some creative ways to gain the benefits of color inkjet printing without all the excess waste. Nobody wants to burn through inkjet cartridges just to print out a few reports. However, to make a good impression, having some color “pop” on a printed page can make a huge difference. 

HP has come up with a great way of allowing you to add color to a document without blowing through the entire inkjet cartridge. You can use full color to create eye-popping photographs and graphics with richness and depth. 

You can also select an intermediate setting that uses less color. The colors won’t be supersaturated as they will be more “washed out,” but this is an excellent option for internal reports where you want to create some visual impact without going full bore.

An accent color option is also available to highlight important graphics such as a logo while reducing the utilization of color ink on the rest of the page.



HP PageWide: For Financial Savings and Environmental Sustainability in Wide Format Printing

As you can see, all of the above features can provide significant financial savings. They can also help with environmental sustainability by reducing the need for ink and parts. HP’s PageWide printers also have an unrivaled print speed of up to 75 pages per minute. 

HP PageWide business printers come in a variety of models, including a basic HP PageWide Pro model with a print-only function and the lowest cost of total ownership, as well as the HP PageWide Enterprise Flow MFP, a multifunction printer with the fastest speeds and best multi-level security. The HP PageWide Pro MFP is another good option, with two-sided scanning and energy efficiency features. All of the HP PageWide printers have ethernet and wireless connection options, as well as fast page printing speeds. 

For all these reasons and more, we highly recommend HP PageWide business printers and use them with our managed print solutions. HP PageWide printers simply make our jobs easier, and we believe they will make yours easier as well.

Edwards Business Systems is an authorized dealer of HP PageWide business printers. Contact us today so we can help you find the perfect HP printer for your business.

October 12th, 2020