Vampire Power Drainers: What Gear Sucks The Most Power?

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When your company decides to go green you should keep your electricity cost in mind. The typical office is overrun by power draining vampire machines that seem to suck up a lot of power driving your electricity cost sky high. Even when these power-sucking devices are not in use they are still counting for up to 10% of your electricity bill and can be increased by bad habits.

Here’s a look at the most common energy draining devices in the office:

When Should You Replace Your Multifunction Printer?

Replacing your Multifunctional Printer

Managing your office budget effectively means making every penny count.  Replacing office equipment can be a tough decision and a huge investment for most businesses. Whether you are buying one new machine or replacing a large fleet of printers, you should weigh the options and assess your budget to know what you can afford.

Signs you may want to replace your printers:

Personalizing Your Variable Data Has Never Been Easier!

PrintShop Mail

There are extensive choices when it comes to data printing jobs, but one service has really stepped up to the challenge to help you leverage the potential of your data printing variable images and text based upon information on each individual receipt. PrintShop Mail is as easy to use professional software tool that makes personalized printing quick and easy.

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2014 Pro Tech Award Winners

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Edwards and Virginia Business Systems were named 2014 Konica Minolta Pro Tech Award Winners.
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