Boyertown Area School District

The Boyertown Area School District was seeking a solution to reduce the number of copier/printers and simplify the navigation of print queues to reduce copy/print costs, increase the security of printed confidential material and improve the efficiency of document management. In partnership with Edwards Business Systems, the district reduced its printer fleet from over 675 devices to 80 and implemented a Follow-Me printing solution. This enables users to print to a single print queue and pick up their jobs from any device located on the district network.

Why Digitizing HR is a Good Place to Begin

Document Management Richmond

Moving to digital processes through electronic Document Management is critical for businesses on track to succeed in the 21st century, yet twenty-five percent of businesses are still holding back. Document Management software can help these businesses become better managers of their available resources, from time, money and office equipment to their most valuable asset-their human resources.

Get More From Your Technologies

Managed IT Services Benefits

How many times in the last month have you encountered and solved a reCAPTCHA image? Did you know that you're doing a lot more than just verifying your humanity?

The fact that you are, in fact, a living, breathing human being and not an insidious, malicious bot is good news to the owner of the form you submitted, but did you know you're also performing a good deed for humanity in general? And you thought you weren't any good at multi-tasking!

Four Tips to Choosing a Multifunction Printer

Richmond Multifunction Printers

If you're ready to make the move to multifunctionality in your Richmond offices, read on for some tips to help you make a perfect choice.

1. Understand the Total Cost of Ownership

Getting a full disclosure of the multifunction printer's Total Cost of Ownership (or TCO) is always a good idea. Since it's not unusual for multifunction printers to have higher initial purchase price than single-function printers, it helps to understand how MFPs can save you money over the long term. For example:

Dangers of Not Having Managed Print Services

Benefits of Managed Print Services

At this point in your business, you may have had conversations with other business people about the success they enjoy due to managed print services. While enticing, you have perhaps not yet chosen to make that move toward MPS. Surely you can start whenever you're ready. But have you ever thought about the ways your business could be suffering because it doesn't have managed print services helping run the printing show?

The Diverse Benefits of Document Management

Document Management Richmond

In the business world, you always need solutions. Solutions to problems, ways to improve your day to day office work, and ad ons are crucial to your success. A lot of these solutions are made to solve a single problem. Air conditioners keep you cool; overhead speakers set an upbeat mood, etc. The great thing about this office solution, though, is how diverse and numerous the benefits are; we're talking about document management.

Emergency Responses to a Network Security Breach

Managed IT Services Benefits

You never want that day to come when you get into the office early Monday morning to find a disaster; your data network has been infiltrated by a virus. For more companies than we'd like to think about, a major data breach or virus can mean the end of business. Now there are a few different types of malware that can infiltrate your data network. We'll go over those so that you understand them well, and can also work to prevent such an attack.

Product Preview: HP LaserJet M4345 MFP series

Office's do their best when good decisions have to be made about each piece of equipment that is purchased. From staplers to computers and printers, it's important to have tools that work for you, not against you. The HP LaserJet M4345 MFP series, a series of quality multifunctional printers, strives to do just that.

Managed Print Services—How to Get Your Staff On Board

Benefits of Managed Print Services

If you're preparing to roll out a Managed Print Services solution in your organization, you may already be feeling some push-back. There's no reason to be alarmed; most of us hesitate when change is in the air. However, there's a lot you can do as an employer to help your employees understand the benefits of Managed Print Services, including how this particular solution will make their jobs easier.

Improve Your Accounting Processes With Document Management

Document Management Richmond

For many businesses, the most effective place for beginning a Document Management System is in their accounting department. With benefits within the department that deliver significant advantages across the entire organization, digitizing your financial processes makes good business sense.


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