Got Big Data? Get Managed IT!

Managed IT Services Benefits

If your organization is among the growing number of companies using big data analytics, you know that security is a major consideration. Information comes from a variety of data sources, many of which may not be vetted. When data contains personal identifiable information (PII) or personal health information (PHI), government compliance laws come into play, and the more information that flows through your database, the higher the risks.

EBS/VBS earns 95.60 NetPromoter Score


Many Companies claim they have the "Best Service in the business" but few even have a way to measure how happy customers are. Here at Virginia Business Systems we have a system that allows us to capture feedback after every service call. We use the Net Promoter Score® system

The average N. American company has a Net Promoter Score of 10. Some well-loved companies reach scores into the 70s and 80s.

Your Multifunction Printer and HIPPA's Final Rule

Richmond Multifunction Printers

Without a straightforward methodology in place to meet HIPPA requirements across their organization, today's healthcare facilities risk non-compliance. The resulting fallout is costly, both in monetary terms as well as the loss of patient confidence when data is compromised.

Check Out The Benefits of Managed Print Services

Benefits of Managed Print Services

It's a given that you are looking for ways to reduce operating expenses. Who isn't these days? Here are four proven benefits of Managed Print Services that can help your organization identify and reduce those expenses.

Find Peace in Organization with Document Management

Document Management Richmond

Though you may not be fully aware of it, your unorganized office is probably stressing you out. Piles of papers, stacks of invoices, jammed copiers, an overabundance of paper clips: all things disorganization make for sluggish productivity and higher stress levels.

Managed IT Services and Security Strategies

Managed IT Services Benefits

Today's Managed Services offer an array of benefits that work to keep organizations running efficiently and smoothly. By reducing downtime and providing opportunities for growth, managed services are frequently immeasurably beneficial in multiple areas of any business. In terms of Managed IT Services, your network is optimized and your expenses can be reduced. However, one key benefit that should not be overlooked in a managed IT network is security.

EBS & VBS Honored for 16th Consecutive Year as an Elite Dealer by ENX Magazine

Elite Dealers for 2015

ENX Magazine ( has announced that both Edwards Business Systems (EBS) and Virginia Business Systems (VBS), office technology, solutions and services providers, have been named one of the country’s Elite Dealers for 2015.  The award is presented annually by the online publication to the top office equipment dealers in the US.   

Happily Ever After With Richmond Multifunction Printers

Richmond Multifunction Printers

In Richmond, the best in multifunction printers come from Edwards/Virgina Business Systems. But as much as we'd all love to believe in happily ever after, your office systems doesn't just go home with you to live a long and perfect life.

Printers jam. Copiers stop working. Scanners don't always scan.

Benefits of Managed Print in the Healthcare Sector

Benefits of Managed Print Services

The healthcare industry has unique needs in comparison to other sectors. Time, accuracy, security, and efficiency are just a few of the critical components that drive solutions tailored to healthcare. One service that is sometimes overlooked in healthcare has the ability to make a tremendous impact on day to day functionality: managed print services.

EBS/VBS Receives 2016 Konica Minolta Pro-tech Award

2016 Konica Minolta Pro-tech Award

"Congratulations! It is my pleasure to inform you that you and VIRGINIA BUSINESS SYSTEMS have attained Pro-Tech for 2016!


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