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The Benefits of Multifunction Printers for Corporate Businesses

Every office relies on a range of technologies to remain productive and keep information flowing smoothly through the company. If the company uses various discrete imaging devices, it could stifle efficiency and create bottlenecks during their daily workflows. Opting to consolidate their fleet of devices with a multifunction printer for business can provide enhanced capabilities that help the office to streamline operations and speed up their task execution.

Multifunction printers have been around for some time now, but their capabilities are constantly evolving to meet today’s demanding business needs. Every manufacturer’s range of devices provides different features that companies can use to improve their printing, copying, and scanning environments. Multifunction printer advantages can vary from improved performance to higher quality prints. If it’s time for a company to upgrade their printer, they may want to investigate the benefits a multifunction device can bring to their office.

4 Multifunction Printer Advantages for Businesses

Every company’s office workflows are unique. The differences may be small, but multifunction printers can serve several purposes in the office. A multifunction printer is a catchall phrase for an array of different technologies available on the market today. Before a company makes its final decision on what device to equip their office with, it may be important to understand what these industry terms mean.

The types of multifunction printers available today include the following:

  • An All-In-One Device (AIO): This refers to a device with a host of features that include scanning, printing, copying, document editing, and file conversion tools.
  • 4-in-1 Printers: Typically, a single device that performs the four major functions in an office, namely printing, scanning, faxing, and copying.
  • Multifunction Device (MFD): It could be a device that has printing, copying, and scanning features. But it could also refer to devices without any printing options (i.e., copier and scanner).

Deciding on the right device will depend on how the office executes its workflows. The more features the company needs, the higher the price of the device would likely be. Companies should also consider the volumes of printing, copying, and scanning it does every day and how the device will cope with the required workload. Here are four major benefits a multifunction printer brings to corporate businesses.

1. Space Savings for All Print Operations

As companies tend to upgrade their devices at different times, it’s common for them to use discrete devices around the office to accomplish their tasks. This may include having desktop printers or scanners connected to individual workstations. It could also mean having dedicated copy rooms where large, noisy devices operate continuously without creating disruptions in the office. Investing in a new multifunction printer can reduce the space the machine needs while saving the company time and money in the process.

2. Added Convenience for Employees

New multifunction printers have many features that help improve all document-related processes. Instead of having to walk between different devices to complete a task, employees can speed up their workflows by printing or scanning a document from the same, connected multifunction printer. It also reduces the administrative overheads as the company only has to maintain one device for all their office workflows instead of various machines.

3. Reduced Operating Costs

The cost of operating multiple devices can quickly add up over time. It can include the power consumption, supplies, and frequency of service or maintenance tasks. With a multifunction printer, the company can reduce the cost of operations with an energy-efficient device that also uses less ink for every copy or print job. The company should look for multifunction printers that come with an ENERGY STAR rating to ensure they acquire the most efficient machine.

4. Improved Productivity and Increased Control over the Print Environment

Newer multifunction printers can help increase productivity with onboard document management features. The company can also increase its oversight over its print operations with detailed logs about every print. Additionally, the latest multifunction printers have advanced security features to protect information during transit and storage.

Some print management software systems will encrypt all data before sending it to the printer and ensure hackers cannot access any jobs in the queue unless they have the necessary authorization. Companies can implement pull-to-print solutions that only process the job once an employee swipes their access card or enters an authorization code on the device.

Improve Productivity with Multifunction Printers for Business from Edwards Business Systems

To increase office productivity and reduce operational costs, companies can consolidate their print operations with a multifunction printer from Edwards Business Systems. For even greater oversight and control, the company could opt to move to a Managed Print Services business model.

This makes an external service provider responsible for all imaging operations including restocking supplies, carrying out maintenance, and optimizing the print fleet for reduced waste. Edwards Business Systems will assess the current print environment and recommend a Managed Print Services solution at a single monthly cost, setting a consistent budget for all operations that include the new technologies available on the market today.

For improved oversight and reduced cost of printing operations with multifunction printers for business from Edwards Business Systems, request a free assessment today.

April 20th, 2020